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Welcome to Iniscrabhall, the covenant on the island of Iniscrabhall in Lough Neagh.

It used to have a good Library but hardly anything is left now. This may change in the future.

Original Mages:
Fionn ua Bonaosagus
Octavia ua Treameare
Niall cultus Bionaere
Augustus an Flambo
Ros an Flambo

The new mages:
Aoífe Ballach
Iohannes de Ragusa
Áine cultus Bhéardaoiteas

Other covenantfolk:
Dubhgal the Black Has run the village servicing Iniscrabhall in the last few years.
Cass The captain of the watch of Iniscrabhall.
Connor The doghandler
Domhnall An awkward teenager
Una the Fisher
Finniane the Fisher
Mor A professional thief
Ámhra A Hunter. Not the faerie lord
Audh A fighter
Iarfhlaigh A horse expert
Clothragh A porter
Mel A porter

Other NPCs of note:
Cian the Bold Redcap of Leth Cuinn
Eisten Redcap of Leth Cuinn
Úathch A faerie fighting trainer from Leth Cuinn
Ámhra, son of Arolghul A faerie lord from the court in Lough Neagh
John de Lacy An Anglo-Norman Lord of the English-controlled part of Ulster/Uilidh

Places of note:
Lough Neagh
Marghery or an Machaire, is the small fishing hamlet on the shore of Lough Neagh that services Iniscrabhall
The River Bann or an Bhanna, one of the main rivers in Uilidh, flows into and out of Lough Neagh. It is also effectively the farthest westward reach of the English influence in Ulster at this time.
The River Blackwater or Cluain-Dabhail, flows into Lough Neagh at Marghery
Beaghmor a moorland
Giant’s Cove a regio and covenant in Beaghmor

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