Starting Stats:

Improved characteristic x 2
Great characteristic x 2
Enduring constitution
Rapid convalescence
Puissant enigmatic wisdom
Puissant perdo

Deficient technique: creo
Blatant gift
True friend
Stigmatic catalyst

Intelligence 4, Perception 0, Strength 0, Stamina 4, Presence 0, Communication 0, Dexterity 0, Quickness 1

Native language: Welsh 5
Athletics 2 (speciality: grace)
Brawl 3 (s: dodging)
Awareness 2 (s: alertness)
Swim 1 (s: diving)
Stealth 1 (s: shadowing)
Living language: English 2 (s: expansive vocabulary)
Survival 1 (s: forest)
Dead language: Latin 4 (s: hermetic usage)
Artes liberales 1
Magic theory 3 (s: vim)
Parma magicka 1 (s: protection from corpus)
Penetration 1 (s: perdo)
Concentration 1 (s: spell concentration)
Code of Hermes 1 (s: mundane relations)
Profession: Scribe 1
Enigmatic wisdom 4

Creo 1, Intellego 4, Muto 4, Perdo 12 (9), Rego 4

Animal 0, Aquam 0, Auram 0, Corpus 0, Ignem 0, Imaginem 0, Mentem 0,
Herbam 6, Terram 6, Vim 9


15 Shriek of Impending Shafts H

5 Eyes of the Cat C
5 Pass the Unyielding Portal H
5 Tastes of the Herbs and Spices I

5 Comfort of the Drenched Traveller Aq
10 Winter’s Icy Touch I
10 Fist of Shattering T
10 (Reduces target’s might score by spell level+10) V
20 Wilting Metal Harvest* T
20 Wind of Mundane Silence V

15 Chorus of the Staves* H

*Rusted Decay of Ten Score Years upgraded by 2 levels to ‘group’
Dance of the staves upgraded by two to ‘group’


Born with blatant Gift to peasant family, and christened Arvel. Unfortunate childhood taught him how to hide and move quickly. The determination in childhood to try and persevere with people was rewarded with brief instruction in English from travelling friar. Arvel was an enthusiastic student but friar moved on fairly quickly.

Taken from his family by young nun (unbothered by his Blatant Gift) on behalf of future Criamon master. Parens was talented but also busy and inattentive, tasked tutors with parts of Arvel’s education. Contemplating Enigma and circular nature of time inspired Arvel to change name to Rhodri.
Revealed to be poor at grasping and mastering creo technique, so parens quickly ushered him to other arts. Despite this deficiency health is unusually robust, perhaps an unrecognised manifestation or subconscious inversion of the magic.
Fine student of vim, found to possess a knack for perdo magic. This talent for making objects worse, on top of blatant Gift, proved rather discouraging on a personal level.
Received vision of an ouroboros during end of apprenticeship, interpreted as sign that future studies of Enigma lie in the land of Eire. Informed of efforts to repopulate the meagre covenant at Iniscrabhall, but departed homeland in no great hurry.


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