Iniscrabhall refers to both an island in the middle of Lough Neagh and to the covenant there. This is where our characters are trying to make a new home for themselves.


Covenant was established in AD1170, and was soon occupied by five magi:
Augustus an Flambo
Fionn ua Bonaosagus
Niall cultus Bionaere
Octavia ua Treameare
Ros an Flambo

From what characters have so far heard from Fionn, the magi had initially ruffled some feathers in the surrounding area, including angering a local giant. This giant was later killed and his body used to help found the nearby covenant of Giant’s Cove, which lasted only a handful of years before failing (1180 – 1187).

Iniscrabhall had some trouble with covenant of Blackhall near The Poisoned Glen escalating to a peak in AD1215.
In AD1216, all of the founding mages disappeared except Fionn.
A Quaestor investigation was conducted; this failed to find any evidence of foul play and exonerated all possible suspects in the covenant.

With Fionn as the only Magus, he called for new magi to join.

Active plot hooks


Covenant has one main building, built in familiar Roman villa style. There are 2 floors, with laboratories and sanctums evenly spaced on ground and 1st floor. Ground floor also contains the kitchens, and dining area which doubles as a covenant meeting room.
Each laboratory is connected to a sanctum.



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