Tag: Covenant


  • Leth Cuinn

    Leth Cuinn is a Mercere house on the northeast side of [[Lough Neagh]], hidden in a forest. It has a Kingshall, and its members belong to the [[Cult of Heroes]]. The Redcap [[:cian-the-bold | Cian the Bold]] is a leader there. [[Morran]] was a head …

  • Iniscrabhall

    h3. Overview Iniscrabhall refers to both an island in the middle of [[Lough Neagh | Lough Neagh]] and to the covenant there. This is where our characters are trying to make a new home for themselves. h3. History Covenant was established in …

  • Blackhall

    A rival covenant, situated near the Poisoned Glen. Blackhall suffered a disaster not long prior to that which befell Iniscrabhall.

  • Vigil

    A Merinita winter covenant, located at the northern tip of Ireland.